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Ridgeside K9, LLC is the headquarters location for Ridgeside K9. Located in Western Loudoun County and serving the dog training needs of all Northern Virginia (NOVA and the DMV). From Winchester to Washington DC. and beyond. Ridgeside K9 officially started in 2013 as a one dog at a time operation. in 2016 Ridgeside K9 became an official LLC. In 2018 Ridgeside K9 started expanding – bringing on other military veterans to run independent Ridgeside K9 locations. Ridgeside K9, LLC (Northern Virginia) now has 9 trainers on the team, comprised mostly of military and law enforcement K9 handlers and trainers. We have trained in excess of 2000 dogs in the Northern Virginia, DMV area. The avarage dog trainer for Ridgeside K9, LLC (Northern Virginia) has over 10 years experience each training dogs. House pets to working dogs, obedience to protection we train them all. Have a special dog, we are special place.

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Starting training early is crucial in creating a happy, confident adult dog. Did you know you can start training your puppy as early as 8 weeks old? You can and you SHOULD! Everything you do at that age will have a huge impact on the dog’s development, good or bad. Let us help both of you get started on the right paw!


Our board and train packages focus on obedience both on and off leash, from inside the home to higher distraction areas.  Your dog will stay with us for the duration of training and upon completion, we will train YOU. Lifetime support.


Our aggression rehab package is designed for dogs with aggression toward humans, dogs, cats, livestock, etc. In this package, your dog will be given the same level of obedience as our board and train in addition to rehabilitation work. Though we cannot guarantee to safely rehabilitate each and every dog, we will ensure that you have the control you need in order to live a more peaceful life with your dog.

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Ridgeside K9 always proofs dog training to the highest level. We have dog trainers to teach in controlled environments – but train in the real world. House pets to working dogs – obedience to protection. Watch more videos 

Pack walks (Free)

Our pack walks are open to all prior clients. The focus is to practice and train in a controlled environment with other prior clients. It is a good refresher and a way to learn new things!

One On One Private Lessons

Our 1 on 1 lessons are for the clients with a flexible schedule and that want to be involved in the training. Lessons are once every two weeks and the owner will have homework to do in between. 8 lessons/ $800 (local clients) nearby cities ($1000+)

We aim to provide you with exceptional Dog Training

We love our customers and their dogs. Our number 1 priority to help you guys create a stronger bond and a lasting relationship

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Hiking with Your K9

Hiking with Your K9

Hiking in the back country. Let me start by saying I love hiking with dogs; I pursue ways to allow my dogs to simply be dogs. There is no better joy then watching a dog go primordial and simply move through nature. Relaxing obedience and permitting the dog to be a...

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House Pets to Working Dogs

House Pets to Working Dogs

House pets to working dogs - is there a difference? In breed, drive and function - yes. However; in behavior, issues and problems - not so much. When training dogs clarity of task is the most important aspect of all training. Whether the purpose is to find and...

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Board and Train Concerns/Questions

Board and Train Concerns/Questions

As the owner of Ridgeside K9 I get asked every question in the book about our board and train programs. Here is a short list of some questions to ask a potential company or trainer. Up front, there are many dog training companies that do "board and train" training...

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