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Dog Obedience Training for the Raleigh, NC, Area

If you own a dog in the Raleigh, NC, area that needs comprehensive dog obedience training, contact Ridgeside K9 to get in touch with our expert dog trainers.

Our Dog Training Expertise

At Ridgeside K9, we focus primarily on training your dog to be obedient both on and off the leash. We understand that such training benefits both you and your dog, enabling you both to enjoy more outings and share public spaces with other dogs and people.

Whether you have an older dog with aggression issues or a brand new puppy with no training, we can select the right program and tailor their training to their needs and yours.

Our Post-Training Vision

After your dog’s training program ends, our goal is to have you continue to foster your dog’s obedient behavior. To this end, we offer advice and tips to help you address any communication issues you may have with your dog, improve your relationship, and gain the tools you need to help your dog succeed.

If you and your dog are in need of basic or advanced dog obedience training, get in touch with Ridgeside K9 today. Call 703-586-8968 or fill out our contact form with any inquiries about our services.



Length: 14 days/$1200

Two week puppy board and train:
Have you recently added a new puppy to your family? Then this program is for you! Our Puppy University focuses on educating you as owners on how to give your new puppy a healthy, structured, and exciting lifestyle.


Length: 24 days/$3500

Our Puppy Program is broken down into two phases under one program: Phase 1 – is a 10 day Board and train and Phase 2 – is two weeks long. Set a strong foundation, work together during lessons and be mentored by one of our trainers to ensure you understand how to build a strong bond and raise a confident friend!






Length: 10 days/$1500

This board and train program is for owners who don’t have the capability to take their dogs off leash but would still like to buff up their dog’s manners on leash. In this program, your dog will learn how to loose leash heel, sit, down, come, and place. We will also work on any problem behaviors your dog may have. These commands will all be taught and proofed under minimal distractions.



Length: 3 weeks/$2750

Our 3 week board and train program focuses on obedience both on-leash and off-leash, from inside the home to higher distraction areas, such as parks, department stores, beaches, etc. Our trainers focus on real world dog obedience at all times. We will give your dog a 100% reliable recall regardless of the environmental distractions. During the three weeks of training, your dog will stay with us in our facility.


Length: 4-6 weeks/$3500+

Our aggression rehabilitation program is designed for the dogs who snarl, snap, bite, or straight on attack at the sight of another human, dog, cat, etc. Whether your dog’s aggression is based on fear, insecurity, defensiveness, or just down right bratty behavior, we are here to help.

1 on 1 LESSONS

Length: 8 Lessons/$800

This program is designed for owners who have plenty of time on their hands to work with their dogs and who are interested in learning the ins and outs of training. In this program, you as the owner will learn first hand how to train your dog from start to finish. With our one-on-one lessons, you will meet with one of our trainers face to face once every two weeks(or as needed) to learn how to train your own dog.