Residential narcotics detection service – now available! 100% discreet and confidential.

Private Narcotic Detection

Residential narcotics detection service – now available! 100% discreet and confidential. We are not law enforcement, we simply provide K9 detection services to assist you and your family in dealing with an addiction crisis. Your confidentiality during these hard times is our #1 goal. The Ridgeside team is excited to bring this much needed service to the Northern Virginia and the greater DMV areas. No uniforms, unmarked Vans and K9’s wearing nothing but a leash – your friends, neighbors and/or employees will have no idea Ridgeside K9 is at your house/business assisting you in locating illegal narcotics. We stand 100% behind keeping these hard times confidential.

Need “peace of mind”? Have a family member going to or coming from rehab? Is your child good at hiding things? Need your facility, church, school, business checked for narcotics? Call us – let us search for you, drug detection is what we do, 100% confidentiality – no law enforcement involvement.

Detection Capabilities - Overview

Detection Capabilities: All Ridgeside K9 Narcotics Detection dogs are trained to the national standard in recognition of Cocaine and cocaine base (crack), Heroin, Methamphetamine, and Marijuana. Many other narcotics use these drugs as ingredients, the K9’s will also alert to these substances.

Detection Services: Residential – Storage Facilities – Private Businesses – Vehicles – Schools – Churches – Rehab Centers – Half Way Houses – HOA clubhouses, etc etc. When you need discreet assistance with NO law enforcement involvement, call us today.

Remember – once law enforcement is involved – they are involved! There is NO undoing police reports, no restarts. Law enforcement “shall” take action on felony violations. Evidence will be collected and stored, police reports will be taken and most likely charges and investigations will follow. God bless our officers! But that is not the mission or obligation of Ridgeside K9. We are under no legal precedent to talk to, work with or provide information to law enforcement in any capacity. Further more – per legal guidance from our attorneys we will neither take nor maintain any records of K9 deployments and/or the outcomes from the searches. Your confidentiality is our guarentee. We are here to assist you during these troubled times, guide you and help you – not complicate your life with legal fees and charges that will follow you or your family for a lifetime.

About Aaron

About the handler / Ridgeside K9, LLC owner: Aaron is a prior Marine and retired police K9 handler. While working as a K9 handler Aaron went back to school and attended The George Washington University night school majoring in “Security Studies”. Aaron has made hundreds of street level narcotics arrests and worked countless narcotics investigations while serving as an undercover narcotics detective prior to his assignment in K9. For over a decade Aaron instructed street crimes and narcotic interdiction to newly hired officers. Aaron’s deep knowledge of the Narcotics Detection subculture, narcotics identification, safety protocols and industry “go-bys” will be an invaluable tool to assist families and businesses in the Northern Virginia/DMV area dealing with an addiction issues.