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Quality dog training in North Carolina!

Ridgeside K9 Carolinas is a veteran owned/operated location. Our facility is located in Jacksonville, North Carolina right outside of Camp Lejeune. We cover all of NC and SC and the bordering states as well. Our team has collectively trained and rehabilitated hundreds of dogs of all temperaments, ages, breeds, and sizes. If you’re looking for quality dog training in or around North Carolina, we CAN help!

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Our Facility

Our facility is located in Jacksonville, NC and we are the prime location for all Ridgeside K9 seminars. We have a 2,500 sq. ft. Iidoor facility, 5 acres completely fenced in land, 2 play areas, and approximately 100 acres of land behind us that we have access to for proofing commands and also tracking/trailing.

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Outdoor Training Field

Our outdoor training field has a lot of equipment that we use for different aspects of training. We have tunnels, jumps, an a frame, blinds, a window jump, with more to come! This equipment aids us in working with dogs that need a confidence boost and additional exercise to work their minds and bodies!


Our Board and Train Programs include an E-collar and life time support


Two week puppy board and train

Do you have a new puppy? Then this program is for you! Our Puppy University focuses on educating you as owners on how to give your new puppy a healthy, structured, and exciting lifestyle.


Four week board and train 

Starting training early is crucial in a dog’s life. You can start training your puppy as young as 8 weeks! Yes, everything you do at that age will have a significant,, long-term impact on the dog’s development, good or bad. We are here to help you with that!


Three week board and train 

Our 3 week world famous dog training board and train program focuses on obedience both on-leash and off-leash, from inside the home to higher distraction areas, such as parks, department stores, beaches, etc. Our Dog trainers focus on real world dog obedience at all times. 


Three to six week board and train

Our aggression rehabilitation program is designed for the dogs who snarl, snap, bite, or straight on attack at the sight of another human, dog, cat, etc. Whether your dog’s aggression is based on fear, insecurity, defensiveness, or just down right bratty behavior, we are here to help.



Once a month

Our group obedience is open to all prior clients. The focus is to practice and train in a controlled environment with other prior clients. It is a good refresher and a way to learn new things!

1 on 1 lessons - $1000

10 lessons

Our 1 on 1 lessons are for the clients with a flexible schedule and that want to be involved in the training. First 4 lessons will be once a week and then every two weeks to give the client time to practice in between. 


Need a fun way to exercise and stimulate your dog? join our agility group class. Our class is four sessions, once a week.

Cost: $200

Spots: 4 total dogs.


What is life time support?

All our programs have life time support. Life time support means that for the rest of the dog’s life we are here to assist you. weather you need refresher lessons or your dog is exhibiting an unusual behavior, we will help you! Part of our life time support includes access to our free board and train refresher group class.

Does the dog have to wear the E-collar for the rest of its life.

No, the E-collar is a tool like any other and eventually does come off. once the dog has generalized the good behavior they’ve learned, the collar goes away. However, we always recommend clients keeping the E-collar on their dog to reinforce and/or punish behaviors. It is also recommended to have it on when going to distracting areas as a means of having 100% control of your dog . It’s always better to be safe than to be sorry!

Do you spend time teaching the owner everything the dog has learned?

Yes! that is the most important part of training and typically the hardest. Our “Turn over” is conducted the day we drop off the dog back to you. The turn over is typically 2-3 hours long and we will explain to you everything the dog has learned, we will demonstrate it and then we will have you practice it!


How much time for training do we have to set aside a day for training?

That is up to you! remember the more training you do the better your dog will be. You can turn everything into training.

Cooking? watching tv? eating dinner? cleaning the house? have company over?

put your dog on place! yes that is training!

do you take your dogs on walks? guess what, you are training!

Don’t think of training as something that is going to consume your time, involve it into your normal life style!

Do you offer basic obedience?

No, we don’t offer anything basic nor are we a basic place. All of our training is aimed to the same off leash standard! having 100% recall and control of your dog!


What methods do you use?

We are balanced trainers and utilize all four quadrants of operant conditioning as needed by each individual dog.


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Zephyr – Hyde – Alpha

Having a working breed is no simple task. Each of our trainers own one or more high energy dogs that have come to be a direct reflection of us as trainers. They keep us motivated and constantly push us to be the best trainers we can be. We pride ourselves in bringing you the best dog training that North Carolina provides.


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